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Sugar #Icumsa 68 CIF Tianjin China

A large commercial company in China announces a tender for the purchase of white sugar from January 08, 2021.

The requirement to sugar

- color: white 

- ICUMSA: 68 (+/-5 p) 

- Mass fraction of sucrose: 99.80% min 

- Mass fraction of moisture: up to 0.08% 

- Mass fraction of reducing substances: no more than 0.02% max 

- NON GMOs (confirmed by SGS certificate) 

The products are delivered exclusively to the People's Republic of China (China). 

Origin: worldwide (there is a restriction on the country of the importer). 

Packaging: in bags of 50 kg. 

Total volume of purchase: 65,000 tons 

Delivery in batches of 1000 tons. 

Delivery Term: C&F port of Tianjin (53,000 tons) and C&F Port of Dalian China (12,000 tons) 

Payment terms: by agreement (except prepayment).