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Prices of Frozen Beef Meat CIF Bahrain in July 2021

The agricultural state enterprise China Russia State Corporation offers russian frozen beef meat to ports of Bahrain on CIF terms. 

Type of meat: beef 

Type: frozen, 

T: -22 C 

Packaging: 15-20 kg Non COVID-19 (confirmed by GAFTA and SGS) 

Manufacture per month: up to 3,200 tons 

Slaughtering: July 15-22, 2021

Bulls and cows. Halal

Origin: Russian Federation 

Frozen beef meat on terms CIF port of Manamah, Bahrain = price $ by inquiry / tons 

Prices of frozen beef meat on C&F port of Sitra, Bahrain = $ by inquiry / tons 

Date of loading on vessel in port of Novorossiysk, Russia: August 05-12, 2021. 

Minimum order: 1 (one) container (about 19 tons). 

Payments terms: L/C at sight, covered. 

Shipments starts from July 10, 2021