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Prices of Barley Feed CIF Bandar Abbas Iran

   International state grain company CHINA RUSSIAN TRADE CORPORATION informs its Customers about change in prices from November 01, 2022 of barley feed No.#2 on terms CFR port of Bandar Abbas, Iran with the following characteristics: 

  Indicators of feed barley: 

- grade: #2

- moisture: 12% max 

- impurity: 2%

- protein 11% min 

- grain admixture: 3% max 

- test weight: 660 - 680 G/L min 

- non gmo 

Crop: 2022 

Inspection: GAFTA. 

Prices of barley feed No.#2 in bulk on terms CFR port of Bandar Abbas, Iran = $ by inquiry / MT 

Barley feed No.2 on CFR ports of Iran = $by inquiry / MT 

Packaging: in bulk / in bags ( in big bags or in bags of 40 / 50 kg). 

Total quantity: 335,000 MT 

Minimum order quantity: 200 MT 

Payment terms: to be discussed with the Buyer (LC, non-transfarable - available). 

We are 100% owners and processing. 

All obligatory permissions, protocols and documents is available. 

Prices and quantities are valid from November 01, 2022