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Corporate bonds of "Treasury". Issue 10.2022 No.0087-2022.

Corporate bonds of JSC «Treasury». Issue 10.2022 No.0087-2022. 

Notification of preliminary discussion for registration of bonds of JSC «Treasury» in late October 2022 - Janury 2023 for corporate Clients. 

Two-year bonds of «Treasury» series KS-8-803 with a volume of 650 million rubles (or CNY 79 800 000 RNB). 

The nominal value of the securities is 1000 rubles. 

Annual rate: 9.75% 

The coupon is paid out every six months. 

The program of medium-term securities was approved on September 30, 2022. 

Treasury plans to issue such securities every six months, but reserves the right not to enter the market. 

Administration of TREASURY (Russia)