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Prices of Coal on FOB Black sea in September 2021

The russian state enterprise PJSC "KuzbasRazrezCoal" together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation offers coal of grade D for export from Russian Federation.

Indicators of coal grade D: sulfur 0,65%, gross colorific 6500 kcal/kg.

Origin: Russia, Kuzbas 

Packaging: in bulk 

Quantity: 130, 000 MT / month. 

Minimum order: 50, 000 MT 

Quotas for the export of coal - available. 

The price of D-grade coal for export: by an official request (Loi / ICPO) from from the Buyer. 

Shipment period: from August 2021. 

Payment terms: by agreement. 

A contract with a 100% state-owned company.