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Gas hub: Russia - Turkey. Start of engineering.

The Russian Federation and Turkey signed an Agreement on the design of the preliminary construction of a gas hub for the sale of gas to third countries and the determination of prices at the world level. 

Start of engineering: October 2022. 

Determining the cost of a gas facility: until February 2023

The purpose of building a gas facility in Turkey is to move gas transit from Nord Stream to the Black Sea region and Turkey.

Engineering capacity of the gas pipeline: 31.5 billion m*3 of gas per year. 

Turkish Stream is a new export gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey across the Black Sea. 

The first of the two lines of the gas pipeline is engineering to supply gas to Turkish consumers, the second - to supply gas to the countries of Southern and South-Eastern Europe. 

The starting point for supplying gas to the Turkish Stream is the Russian compressor station (RCS), which is part of the UGSS of Russia and was built near the city of Anapa, Russia. 

At the moment, the Turkish Stream gas pipeline is operating.  Part of Russian gas is supplied to Hungary.

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