Investments in grain in Russia

We offer investments "grain futures" with delivery for future months with a fixed price at the time of conclusion of the Contract.

Data of Contract = Grain Futures + T(1)

Data of Contract = Grain Futures + T(2)

Data of Contract = Grain Futures + T(3) ..... T(8)

*T- is the delivery time of the next month (max 8 month).
** O/I - purchase orders registered in the system, based on official requests.
CONTRACT unit = 200 metric tons
PRICE QUOTATION = U.S. dollars, Euro, Chinese yuan CNY and russian ruble RUB / RUR
SETTLEMENT METHOD = market price (current price) * order quantity + T(1.......8)
Settlement bank: Bank of China & Bank VTB
Grain FuturesSPOT, mtOpen Interest, mtDAP / C&F / FOB
Japan Sea Wheat / protein 11.50%F + T(2)20.00095.000FOB port Vladivostok (Russian ports)
Black sea Wheat / protein 11.50%F + T(3)55.000235.000FOB Black sea (Russian ports)
Yellow Corn #2F + T(3)25.000180.000FOB Black sea (Russian ports)
BarleyF + T(2)12.00095.000FOB Black sea (Russian ports)
Sunflower seedsF + T(2)10.00065.000DAP China: Erlian - Suifenhe
RapeseedsF + T(1)18.00045.000DAP 中国 / CIF中国
Flax seedsF + T(3)6.00022.000DAP 中国
Buckwheat / rawF + T(3)7.00032.000DAP Manzhouli, China
Rapeseed crude oilF + T(2)5.00035.000DAP 中国
Rapeseed crude oilF + T(3)7.50085.000C&F 中国
Flaxseed crude oilF + T(2)2.00045.000DAP Erlian, China
Japan Sea Wheat flour bakingF + T(2)32.00012.000C&F 中国
Black Sea Wheat flour bakingF + T(2)20.00062.000FOB Black Sea (Russian ports)
Soybean crude oilF + T (1)1500110.000C&F Shanghai, China