Investments in food products

We accept investments in the production of finished products.
Our company produces cereals of Russian origin. the company is located in the central federal district and in the siberian federal district.
The name of the release of cereal products: buckwheat (green and brown), pasta (spaghetti, vermicelli, stars).
Annual production is up to 82.000 tons per month.
Annual gross output = 132.000 tons
We accept investments at the initial stage for the purchase of raw materials for the production of cereals.
Calculation of investments in the production of finished products:
Investment = raw materials * production volume + T(3.......5).
Investments are taken for a period of no more than 5 (five) months. Further shipment of finished products to the Customer.
*T- is the delivery time of the next month (max 5 month).
**FFP - futures on finished products.
CONTRACT unit = 200 metric tons
PRICE QUOTATION = U.S. dollars, Euro, Chinese yuan CNY and russian ruble RUB / RUR
SETTLEMENT METHOD = market price (current price) * order quantity + T(3.......5)
Settlement bank: Bank of China & Bank VTB
Futures on finished products (FFP)Volume, mtDAP / CIF / FOB
Buckwheat brownFFP + T(3...5)7.000DAP China, C&F China, C&F worldwide, FOB Japan Sea
Buckwheat greenFFP + T(3...5)2.000C&F ports of worldwide, FOB Japan sea
Pasta "Spaghetti"FFP + T(3....8)30.000FOB Japan Sea (Russian ports)
VermicelliFFP + T(3....8)22.000FOB Japan Sea
Pasta "Stars"FFP + T(3....8)10.000FOB Japan Sea , FOB Black sea
Oat flakesFFP + T(3)6.000FOB Japan Sea (Russian ports)