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Yellow Corn DAP Alashankou China

   RUSSIA TRADE CORPORATION informs its customers about changes in prices from October 08, 2020 of yellow corn on DAP Alashankou, China terms with the following characteristics: 

Indicators of corn: 

  • MOISTURE: 15% max 
  • IMPURITY: 3% max 
  • GRAIN ADMIXTURE: 8% max 
  • TEST WEIGHT: 650 g/l 
  • NON GMO, 

Origin: Russian Federation 


a) 50 kg / bags 

b) in bulk* 

Prices of yellow corn on terms DAP Alashankou, China = CNY 1800 / tons

Prices of yellow corn / in bags on terms DAP station of Alashankou, China = CNY 1868 / tons 

Payment terms: 

a) Irrevocable L/C At Sight, covered, non-transferable 

b) bank guarantee (BG)

c) escrow bank payment (allow) 

*approximate price (it is not a commercial offer). 

Available for sale: 35000 tons 

Minimum order: 1000 tons 

Date of delivery: October 25 - 30, 2020. 

 Prices are valid from October 08, 2020.