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Gazprom confirmed gas supplies to Moldova in November at the level of October, the preliminary price is $821.6 per thousand cubic meters. m

PJSC "Gazprom" has confirmed that in November it will supply Moldova with the same volume of gas as in October - 5.7 million cubic meters per day, the head of the board of JSC "Moldovagaz" Vadim Cheban said in his Telegram channel. 

The preliminary cost of the energy carrier will be $821.58 per thousand cubic meters for JSC Moldovagaz, Cheban wrote. 

As reported, since October 1, the daily volume of gas supplied to Moldova has been reduced by 30% - to 5.7 million cubic meters, while the demand is 8.06 million cubic meters. Gazprom explained this by technical problems related to the restriction of gas transit through Ukraine. 

According to preliminary data, in November Moldova needs about 13 million cubic meters of gas per day, of which two-thirds - for the Transnistrian region, which generates electricity. Given the reduction of gas supply, Moldova will face an energy crisis. The problem will be solved at the expense of gas reserves, which amount to about 95 million cubic meters, as well as by importing electricity from Romania and other European countries

Earlier, Cheban reported that in November, in the event of the transition of enterprises in the heat and power sector from gas to fuel oil, they would have to purchase additionally about 23 million cubic meters of gas on the free market or from the state enterprise Energocom. 

On Friday, representatives of the government of Moldova held talks with the authorities of Transnistria in connection with the energy crisis. As Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Oleg Serebrian stated at a briefing in Chisinau, Chisinau proposed better coordination of actions to rationalize the consumption of gas and electricity. According to him, the parties have not yet come to a common denominator, but will continue negotiations. 

The agreement between Gazprom and Moldovagaz entered into force on November 1, 2022. According to the agreement, the price of gas supplied by Gazprom to Moldova is determined by a special formula:

the price was $450 per 1 thousand cubic meters in November 2021, 

- $550 in December, 

- $647 in January 2022, 

- $564 in February, 

- $547 in March, 

- $1193 in April, 

- $920 in May, 

- $880 in June, 

- $980 - in July, 

- $1458.5 - in August, 

- $1883 - in September, 

- $1078 - in October